The 9th Annual Church Yard Sale is almost upon us!

Friday, June 13th and Saturday, June 14th

We are still accepting donations. Here are some items we like to have:

Household Items
Good dishes, kitchen linens, sheets, blankets, comforters, bedspreads, rugs, mattresses, glassware, homemade items, etc.
***NO CHRISTMAS ITEMS;NO tvs or computers please!

Books ETC.
Books for all ages. DVD's (No tapes please!), music books, hobbies, maps, coloring books, unused puzzle books, etc...
*Note*-We need tote bags as well. Remember, that's how we sell books!!!!

Carpenter's Tools/Gardening Tools & Equipment
Hand and power tools, hammers, hardware, saws (hand and power), woodworking tools, mowers, carts, rake, raised bed sets, small hothouses, doors, shutters, screens, etc...

New and recycled items, chains, necklaces, beads, stones to set, kits, novelties, pins, etc...

Small Electronic Items
Battery chargers, GPS's, digital cameras, all handheld working order devices, depth finders, walkie-talkies, working laptops, etc...

***Please Remember! Only bring items that you yourself would want to buy/is in working condition! We are NOT a dumpster bin!!!***