Sunday School

Sunday school classes begin for K-7 at 10 am

with teachers:
Karen Chitambar and Susan Brunelli -- January 8th through February 19th
Connie Johnson and Nancy Newton -- March 4th through April 1st
Karen Chitambar and Susan Brunelli -- April 15th through May 27th

Students in grades K-5 will explore the Bible

through stories, games and crafts

Middle school students (grades 6-7) will engage in hands-on mission projects, and interview adult church members about their faith.

Sunday school is fun, interesting, a place to meet new friends,

to be creative, to learn about Jesus, to develop a healthy spiritual life,

to ask questions, to laugh and learn….. Come and join us !

We’ll meet each week, except during school holiday weekends, and will be planning a pageant at Christmas time. The children will also have a chance to play handbells with Ruth Marquette. And there’s a nursery for babies through 4 year olds.

Confirmation Class for students in grades 8-11 will also begin Sept. 24/25.

Students and their mentors will explore all aspects of our church life together.

Questions? Call the United Church office at 334-6033